The Lone Oak

The Lone Oak’s Story

A single oak tree can support hundreds of pollinators and have a large impact on the environment. I believe my work as an environmental educator is akin to that of the lone oak tree. Working alone, and many times, behind the scenes with schools and community groups across the state of Wisconsin, my aim is to educate on the environment with an emphasis on conservation and individual involvement through guided experiences. I know that one person can make a difference for the environment, just as one tree can! Let that one person be you!

Plant Seeds of Stewardship

This website offers a way educators and community groups in the Driftless Area of Wisconsin can obtain environmental education services for their respective populace. It is a place to connect to resources, schedule a presentation or activity, and learn more about our local environment, as well as find out what can be done to conserve the beautiful nature that surrounds and nourishes us all.

A Life Long Learner

The Lone Oak is a new endeavor of Environmental Educator, Carol Labuzzetta.

Acorns grow into tall oaks!

Carol believes in planting the seeds of curiosity, wonder, and love for the natural world in our children. She does this by bringing years of experience, education, and passion to her presentations and activities your students and/or groups receive. This helps to equip you and your children or group with the skills and knowledge to become environmental stewards and conservationists! By instilling a love of nature, you and your children (or students) will be inspired to care for the world in which you find yourselves, a world made better by your stewardship.

Visiting San Diego

Carol has 15 years of experience in working with school and community groups. She has developed and taught lessons on the places, species, & habitat found in the Driftless Area of Wisconsin where she has lived for the past 21 years.

Carol earned both a Master’s degree in both Environmental Education (2018) and in Child Health (1990). These degree work in concert to better inform Carol of the unique needs of our youth and how best to connect them with nature.

Recent Testimonials and Impact

“Thanks again for speaking to our club. Just
wanted to give you feedback. When I got home, my 16 year old went on and on to her Dad relaying things you had said. And then, on Monday, she again reflected on how she thought it was a good presentation for our club. Cheers to you for the seeds you may have planted in the youth.”

November 2019: Nifty Neighbors 4H Club Leader, Vernon County, Wisconsin following a presentation on citizen science and monarch butterflies.

“Thank you so much for speaking on monarch butterflies and for sharing your knowledge and experiences that motivated you to delve into the life cycle of Monarchs. You have a very personable style of presenting. I can see how you’d be
great with kids!”

October 2019: From K.N. @ Tilling Thyme Garden Club, Sparta, Wisconsin

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