The Lone Oak Plants Seeds of Stewardship: Starting with Today’s Youth

Explaining environmental stewardship to children, and even adults, can be a challenging task. It is helpful to explain the role of a steward is like that of being a caretaker or friend. The first step in learning to be stewards of the environment is to learn to love the nature that surrounds your home. Teaching children and community members about the awe-inspiring nature that can be found right in our back yards, school yards, or neighborhoods is the right place to start.

In the Driftless Area of Wisconsin, we are fortunate to have several kinds of ecosystems close to home, and all accessible to the public. These ecosystems range from marshy wetlands to thick forests, and wide open, sun-filled prairies to stately bluffs that afford great views of the surrounding Mississippi River Valley and farmlands. There is so much to learn and come to appreciate in the nature that surrounds us. It is time to re-introduce our children to nature and how awesome it is!

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